Short film (24min), directed by Iwan Cvitko

Bicyclette is a comedy-drama about tenacity and persistance. Thirtysomething Nik, a construction worker who has a hard time finishing things, is trying to retrieve his wife’s stolen bicycle. He finds himself at a crossroads: does he give up, or will he for once press on?

His marriage with the homely Veronica has gathered some dust over the years, even if things are generally okay. When his colleagues lure him into joining them for korfball training, somehow, something begins to itch. Nik scratches and makes things worse.

Disappointed, he embarks on an epic journey, searching all over town, wandering past endless amounts of bicycles, bike racks and storage points. All night long and through the next day… The only thing Nik finds is that he can’t stop looking any more.

Year: 2014
Written & Directed by: Iwan Cvitko
Producer: Ellen Havenith
D.O.P.: Carline Hansen, Martijn Kalkhoven
Sound: Roberto van Eijden, Peter Strijbos
Production manager: Claartje Rasterhoff
Chiel Müller
Image post production: STORM
Cast: Michael Geesink, Merel Bakker, Marcel Butterhof, Loes Rietkerk, Tom Koelman & Remy van den Hoed