PRPL/ In Development

Me, Adonis

Short film, written and to be directed by Angelo Raaijmakers Steven’s whole world revolves around fitness, with the goal of getting bigger and stronger. By constantly monitoring his food consumption and weight, he seems to have his body and entire life under … Read more


Feature film, written by Bastiaan Tichler and to be directed by Joris van den Berg Charming workaholic lawyer Job (30) spends his free time with partying and anonymous sexdates. After an overwhelming panic attack at the law firm where he works, … Read more

The Souls

Feature film, written by Gerry de Hoogh and Andreia Barbosa and to be directed by Tallulah Schwab. Stretching the edges of reality, The Souls is a thrilling and surreal story about workaholic Paul (36), who goes on a weekend hike with his … Read more


Feature film, written and to be directed by Tamar van den Dop. Mischa is a psychological drama with thriller elements, about a 65-year-old mother who is frantically looking for ways to prove her son’s innocence. When Rosa receives the news … Read more

After the Storks

Feature film, written and to be directed by Joost van Ginkel After the Storks is a captivating story about the intriguing girl Coco (20) who encounters truck driver Diego (45) on a visit to the grave of her father. When … Read more


First feature film, written and to be directed by Margot Schaap. Quicksand is a psychological drama, set in two differing worlds that main character Suze is torn between: a dazzling big city and a quiet small island. It tells the … Read more