Feature film, written and to be directed by Tamar van den Dop.

Mischa is a psychological drama with thriller elements, about a 65-year-old mother who is frantically looking for ways to prove her son’s innocence.

When Rosa receives the news that her son has been arrested as a suspect for the rape and murder of a young boy, her life turns into an emotional rollercoaster. In a desperate attempt to find any evidence that could help prove his innocence, Rosa digs deep into the past of her beloved son and the life she shared with him. As the credibility of his innocence diminishes, Rosa frantically looks for even greater explanations and starts to draw connections between a seemingly large network of child pornography, the shady freemasonry and high-ups in the justice system. What if he really is innocent, but victim of a very nasty set-up? As she sinks deeper into the bewildering jungle of differing truths, Rosa tries to find the answer to the question: is her son really as innocent as she thinks or will she have to find a way to forgive the unforgivable?

Writer and director: Tamar van den Dop
Producer: Ellen Havenith
Supported by: Netherlands Film Fund (treatment development), MEDIA/Creative Europe
Based on the novel by: Hans Münstermann