HOT NEWS:  Tiger Stripes by Amanda Nell Eu has won the Grand Prize at Cannes Semaine de la Critique!

 Goethe: “Purple is inventive, full of inspiration and originality”.

Amsterdam based PPRL is a highly involved production company with a love for inspiring, challenging, heartfelt stories and filmmakers. PRPL focuses on feature films with gutsy writer/director signatures that can connect with an inclusive (genre-crossover) audience. Every human being should have the freedom to share their story, regardless gender, race or sexual preference and PRPL pushes for equality in that.

PRPL’s award-winning films premiered at the film festivals of Cannes, Rotterdam, Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, Tribeca and Locarno and four films were the national entries to the Academy Awards. In 2023 When It Melts (by Veerle Baetens, BE-NL) won the Jury Award for Best Performance at Sundance (World Dramatic Competition) and our seven-countries-co-production Tiger Stripes (by Amanda Nell Eu) premiered at Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique where it won the Grand Prize.

Upcoming films include Where We Stay (by Florence Bouvy, NL), BINARY (by David-Jan Bronsgeest, NL) and SNOR (by Zainab Goelaman, NL).

PRPL is a member of the European Film Academy and part of the Cannes’ Producers on the Move, EAVE, ACE and INDABA networks.