HOT NEWS: The Paradise Suite by Joost van Ginkel is now available on HBO Max

 Goethe: “Purple is inventive, full of inspiration and originality”.

Amsterdam based PRPL, is a strongly involved and passionate production company making daring and distinguishing films of high artistic quality for a broader audience. We focus on feature films with strong writer/director signatures, which can be co-produced internationally. Our films aim to be inspiring, challenging, stirring and heartfelt.

PRPL’s feature films premiered at the film festivals of Berlin, Toronto, Locarno and Tribeca. Next to international awards, The Paradise Suite won Best Film at the 2016 Dutch national film awards.

Our upcoming projects involve new films of Joost van Ginkel (NL), Veerle Baetens (BE), and Tallulah Schwab (NL).

PRPL’s founder Ellen Havenith is a member of the EFA and part of the EAVE and ACE networks.