HOT NEWS: When It Melts by Veerle Baetens is selected for Sundance!

 Goethe: “Purple is inventive, full of inspiration and originality”.

Amsterdam based PPRL was founded by Ellen Havenith in 2012. Ellen is a creatively involved producer with a love for inspiring, challenging, heartfelt stories and filmmakers. PRPL focuses on feature films with strong writer/director signatures that can connect with an inclusive, transnational audience.

PRPL’s award-winning films premiered at the film festivals of Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, Tribeca, Sundance, Rotterdam and four films were the national entries to the Academy Awards.

Our upcoming projects involve WHEN IT MELTS by Veerle Baetens (BE-NL), TIGER STRIPES by Amanda Nell Eu (MY-ID-SG-DE-FR-NL-TW), WHERE WE STAY by Florence Bouvy (NL) and BINARY by David-Jan Bronsgeest (NL).

PRPL is a member of the European Film Academy and part of the Cannes’ Producers on the Move, EAVE and ACE networks.