Feature film, written by Bastiaan Tichler and to be directed by Joris van den Berg

Charming workaholic lawyer Job (30) spends his free time with partying and anonymous sexdates. After an overwhelming panic attack at the law firm where he works, he is forced to spend time at home on his own. Because of this, he discovers that his carefully covered up past is still painfully close under the surface.

Oxytocine is a riveting story told in five chapters, each of them preluded by a sexscene between Job and a different man. The physical part of the film anchors his development towards self acceptance and brings an original, authentic film to the screen.

Writer: Bastiaan Tichler
Director: Joris van den Berg
 Ellen Havenith
Supported by: Netherlands Film Fund, NPO Fund, NTR, VPRO & CoBO (treatment development)

For De Oversteek, Netherlands Film Fund, the NPO-fund, Dutch broadcasters VPRO & NTR and CoBO collaborate in giving upcoming talent a chance to make a feature film of high artistic quality.