PRPL/The Souls

Feature film, written by Gerry de Hoogh and to be directed by Tallulah H. Schwab.

Stretching the edges of reality, The Souls is a thrilling and surreal story about workaholic Paul (34), who goes on a weekend hike with his girlfriend Julie. When he wounds his foot by stepping into a rabbit trap, an old farmer and his daughter Delphine take the couple in. Paul thinks the rural surroundings and the basic way of living on the farm are enchanting. But when Delphine seems to take a more than healthy interest in the couple, events keep occurring that prevent them from leaving the farm. When Paul finds himself lusting for Delphine, a mysterious tree with large, silver roots starts to unleash its dark and magical powers and Paul slowly starts to realise the farm is not what it seems…

Original idea & treatment: Gerry de Hoogh and Andreia Barbosa
Writer: Gerry de Hoogh
Director: Tallulah H. Schwab
Producer: Ellen Havenith
Supported by: Netherlands Film Fund, MEDIA/Creative Europe
Selected for: Berlinale Co-Production Market (2019)