IPPP Workshop Week 1 completed: HOW TO NOT GIVE UP ON DEBUT?

Together with Sister Productions (Julie Paratian, FR) and Homemade Films (Maria Drandaki, GR) we organised the first out of three weeks of the IPPP workshop: How to not give up on Debut? Each producer brought a project in development and their writer/director with her to eleborate on the subject through a hands-on approach.

The International Producers Pooling Programme is a new on-the-job, self-training opportunity for experienced producers who want to improve their skills in audiovisual project development in small international groups of peers. Three to five producers from different countries build a Pool for a period of twelve months in order to explore together particular topics they have defined in common. These topics match the projects which are brought into the collaborative process, such as exploring certain genres, co-producing, financing, packaging and positioning the projects as well as management and communication skills.

IPPP selected our Pool of producers to create, structure and organise the workshop with the research question: How to keep discovering and nurturing new talent and maintaining sustainable companies in the current competitive and demanding film market? 

The first week of the program focused on the script development stage and included sessions with Michael Arnon (Wolf Consultants) on marketing in the development stage and screenwriter/director Alain Guiraudie on struggles and chances in a starting career. Script consultant Heidi Fleisher worked on the Sister Productions film With view of a river with writer/director Antoine Boutet and Nazli Kilerci-Stevanovic worked on the Homemade Films project Baby with writer/director Nikos Kyritsis and the PRPL film Oxytocin with writer Bastiaan Tichler and director Joris van den Berg.

The first week of the workshop took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Week 2 and week 3 will follow in the next couple of months and will take place in Greece and France.

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